We are an expert at providing effective energy efficiency retrofits for commercial facilities across California. We also have been installing distributive electric generation systems since 1982.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Boiler Retrofit

Boiler efficiency technology continually improves; so regular system retrofits insure that maximum boiler efficiency and minimum cost of operation are achieved. Types of energy efficiency measures installed by Onsite include economizers, continuous blowdown controls, insulation and condensate return upgrades.

Lighting Upgrades

Modern LED technologies provide better light at lower wattages. Instant illumination allows you to use occupancy sensors and dimmers. And LED lighting generates much less heat than HID (High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide) or incandescent.

Injection Molding

Converting from hydraulic to hybrid, or a fully electric system, can dramatically reduce product cost.

Cooling Tower Systems

Optimization of fans and pumps using variable frequency drives (VFD’s) and direct digital controls (DDC).

Central Plant Upgrades

Without regular upgrades you are not running the most economical technology. In addition, changes in facility use and capacity can create changes to chilled water loads. The result is that an industrial system that was economical under the old operating environment is no longer energy efficient. Onsite can evaluate your central plant operations and recommend & commission retrofits to insure peak energy efficient operation.

Compressed Air Retrofits

In order to insure compressed air systems are operating reliably and efficiently retrofits are needed. All air compressor systems deteriorate over time as compressors wear out and leaks begin to develop. Onsite performs compressor replacements, controls upgrades, leak detection and repair and variable speed compressor retrofits.

Chilled Water Systems

Central Plant Optimization opportunity converting to a primary-variable plant operation.

Vacuum / Trim / Exhaust / Dust Collection Systems

Often large systems with multiple motors and no sequencing or load controls result in significantly higher energy costs.

Refrigeration System Upgrades

This is one of the most essential areas to upgrade to ensure that the most energy efficient operation is achieved by your plant. Onsite performs analysis and installation of industrial condensers, compressors and controls systems.

Other Energy Efficiency Measures for Commercial California Facilities

There are a number of other measures that can be tuned to save energy including variable speed drives, absorbers, heat recovery systems and insulation systems.

Wondering how much you can save?  Try our Cost Saving Assessment Calculator!

Local Energy Generation

  • Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems

    should be considered whenever a facility is required to provide a constant heat load to support its operation. Onsite can provide complete feasibility, engineering, installation and commissioning services to insure that your system operates profitably.

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