Onsite has implemented hundreds of energy efficiency projects across California and the U.S. since 1982. In that time, annual verified savings generated by Onsite projects have amounted to millions of dollars per year.

Each California energy efficiency project started with someone in a business that wanted to reduce energy costs.

  • The first step was to contact Onsite for a feasibility study. When the study was completed, Onsite implemented the measures, verified the savings and delivered the cash incentives.
  • After installation and commissioning Onsite verified the savings from the California energy efficiency project and collected the incentives on behalf of the customer.
  • The final result was a newer modern facility, lower energy cost, lower energy usage and well invested capital.
$413.5 Million

Verified Savings

Over $206 Million

Utilities Incentives Paid

Over 2.584 Billion

kWh Saved

Over 35 Years


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