Distributed generation (DG) is electric power generated or stored by a variety of small, grid-connected equipment.  Conventional power stations, such as coal-fired, gas and nuclear powered plants, as well as hydroelectric dams and large-scale solar power stations are centralized and often require electricity to be transmitted over long distances.  By contrast, DG systems are decentralized, modular and more flexible technologies that are located close to the load they serve. These systems can be comprised of multiple generation and storage components coordinated within a smart grid.  Distributed generation and storage enables collection of energy from many sources and may lower environmental impacts and improve security of supply.  Microgrids are modern, localized, small-scale grids, as compared to the traditional, centralized electricity grid (macrogrid). Microgrids can disconnect from the centralized grid and operate autonomously, strengthen grid resilience and help mitigate grid disturbances.