This new SCE discount program kicked-off in late 2016, enabling Onsite Energy to offer financial incentives significantly greater than traditional incentives direct to SCE customers, in specific geographic regions, who embrace energy efficiency (EE) measures that reduce peak kW demand.

Southern California Edison (SCE) recently shut-down the San Onofre nuclear generating plant and has been ordered to shut-down fossil fuel generating plants that use ocean water for cooling by January 1, 2021.  This reduction in electric generating capacity is anticipated to strain portions of the SCE electric grid.  To counter the impact of this, SCE has contracted with Onsite Energy to implement industrial energy efficiency projects that will reduce the demand for power during the electric grid’s demand peak period.  Onsite can offer those SCE customers in LCR impacted areas incentives for such projects that significantly exceed existing SCE discount and rebate programs. In addition, we will preform a no cost investment grade feasibility audit to identify and analyze potential qualifying projects.

SCE Discount Amount:
Up to $1,000 per kilowatt of verified demand savings (100% of installed cost maximum) for qualified energy efficiency measures.

Incentive Cap:

Geographic Restriction Maps (facilities located in highlighted areas are potentially eligible)

LCR map